Fixed ROI / Profit Share

Thank you for your interest in investing with us. We strongly advise all investors to discuss possible strategies with their accountants and lawyers.

Recast Property developments offer private investors three options:

- A) fixed-rate annual return,

- B) profit share (only available to self-certified sophisticated investors, HNWI’s* and UHNWI’s*) and in some cases

- C) combination of profit share and fixed-rate annual return (only available to self-certified sophisticated investors, HNWI’s and UHNWI’s).

If you are considering investing with us or interested in viewing our latest investment memorandum, please fill in our contact form. We will email you a simple form to self-certify. New investment opportunities will display under "Ongoing Projects". If you register your interest you will receive an email after each update for 12 months.

Please note: FCA* regulations prevent us from advertising investments on our website. They require us to offer investment opportunities only to self-certified sophisticated investors, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) or ultra-high net worth individuals’ (UHNWIs). If you are a non-UK resident the burden of compliance with UK regulations regarding foreign investment will require us to telephone you and request some additional documentation.

* Notes: The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the body responsible for regulating the financial service industry in the United Kingdom. The FCA operates independently of the UK government and was introduced as a successor to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). HNWI's = High Net Worth Individuals. UHNWI's = Ultra-high Net Worth Individuals.